House Rules

  • Everyone must be playing Bingo, Including children
  • Children must be 8 years or older, and accompanied by an adult. Unsupervised children will not be allowed.
  • $6.00 minimum charge per person, per session.
  • All Bingos paid on LAST NUMBER CALLED.
  • Your must yell BINGO! loudly, an attendant can not yell for you.
  • In cases of multiple Bingos, prizes will be split evenly.
  • Attendants are not permitted to change $20.00 bills or larger. Please go to cashier for change.
  • Please ensure correct change before leaving register.
  • Bingos on a split package will not be paid. Everyone much have their own package, including children.
  • You must have a receipt in order to have a valid Bingo. No Bingo will be valid after game has been closed.
  • The Bingo Ranch is not responsible for lots or unplayed cards/event tabs.
  • Any other person playing any other form of gambling besides Bingo will be asked to leave the Bingo Hall.
  • Adult who bring children must make sure they are seated and playing their own packages.
  • No outside food or drinks are allowed in the Bingo Hall.
  • Electronic malfunction voids all plays and games.
  • The Bingo Ranch has the right to refuse service to anyone.
  • In the event of a malfunction, If 3 games or more have been played, there will be no refunds given.
  • Operator on duty has the final decision on any dispute.

All House Rules are subject to change. Please see House Rules sheet at The Bingo Ranch for the latest version.

These charitable bingo events benefit the following charities:

Cinderella Pet Rescue

Mission Boys and Girls Club

Mission Heroes

Challenged Sportsman of America

Mission Crime Stoppers

McAllen Crime Stoppers

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